Asset Transportation Solutions

Reliable transportation services when you need them the most. We understand transportation is more than moving your products from Point A to Point B. That’s why we ensure your delivery arrives safely and on time, freeing up your internal resources so your team can focus on priorities.


We Understand the Challenges you Face Every Day

We’ve been providing businesses with transportation services for over 120 years. Our commitment is to deliver best-in-class transportation solutions while helping our customers meet their goals. Whether you’re looking for over the road, local or regional transportation services, we’ll help meet your needs.

Dedicated Staff & Drivers

Drop Trailer Programs

Newer Tractors & Trailers

24/7 Customer Support

Extensive Driver Training

Asset Transporation Services



Our current fleet provides you with national, regional, local, and dedicated capacity. Supplying you with the commitment you need.

  • Dry van
  • Dropped trailer pools
  • Centralized dispatch
  • Dedicated solutions
  • Shipment tracking

Shuttle & Switch Yard Management

Free your company’s time, budget, and resources with customized management of your facility’s transportation services.

Shuttle Trucks / Switchers (Yard Dogs)
Easily move containers and semi-trailers in or around freight yards, plants, and distribution centers creating efficiencies and gaining overall productivity.

  • Automated driver dispatch
  • In-cab tablet technology
  • Yardview Management Technology
  • Seamless appointment & door allocation
  • Trailer tracking
  • Driver record retention
  • Full suite of reporting capabilities
  • KPI dashboards
  • Detention Reduction

Dedicated Pool Distribution & Cross Dock

Serve your customers with a smaller inventory footprint. We help you consolidate and ship inventory in a larger volume capacity resulting in decreased costs over standard rates. Allow for easier maintenance of shipment and integrity, ensuring your delivery makes it to your customers with less warehousing and time spent in storage.

Expedite transit times by ensuring your products get from distributor to customer faster. Inbound suppliers ship to a single regional location where the product is staged, stored, segregated, and reloaded for the final destination.


Peddle Runs

If you have a flexible delivery schedule, take advantage of regular routes throughout Michigan.

  • Access to entire fleet & refrigerated trailers
  • GPS tractor & trailer tracking
  • LTL
  • Dedicated Weekly
  • Servicing major grocery/retail stores

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