Temperature Controlled Storage & Warehousing

Temperature Controlled Storage & Warehousing

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Columbian Logistics Networks temperature controlled warehousing provides clients with storage solutions that preserve the integrity and quality of goods such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronic components.

Goods stored in either a 35-degree warehousing space or an ambient temperature-controlled warehousing space are kept in a secure, safe, and sanitary environment. With its Superior AIB rating, Columbian welcomes the opportunity to feed manufacturing lines or provide finished goods warehousing for operations statewide.

Columbian’s temperature controlled warehousing can be combined with asset based transportation solutions, included dedicated trailers for transporting food grade products as a part of pool distribution and cross docking.


  • Stock Rotation
  • Average internal air temperature between +2°C and +8°C
  • Continuous monitored digital temperature control
  • Temp stable, forced air-cooling
  • Temp deviation alert
  • Organic Certified

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