Private 3PL Warehousing

Private 3PL Warehousing

Dedicated Warehousing

Columbian Logistic Network’s  Dedicated Warehousing options provide scale, security, and business process integration as well as the stability of knowing your space will be available when you need it while, all with the traditional benefits of an outsourced solution.

Principally, Dedicated Warehousing represents the shared commitment by Columbian and the Customer to a multi-year agreement to provide outsourced services in a dedicated environment.  There are, of course, many variables that are unique to each agreement, such as IT systems platforms and staffing arrangements.

Dedicated warehouse clients enjoy the benefits of layout design to their specification.

Dedicated warehouse clients enjoy the benefits of layout design to their specification.

Columbian operates dedicated warehouse operations for multiple clients across industry verticals.  Offering dry and refrigerated space on a dedicated basis allows Columbian to meet the needs of some of the world’s largest producers of food and consumer goods.

Dedicated Warehousing with Columbian is more than just a “space and labor play.”  The integration process with Columbian is led by an internal project management office and delivers a documented, trained, and evaluated set of business processes that are constantly audited for system performance.  Our Dedicated Warehouse service allows you to focus on your core business processes, while we demonstrate a deep understanding of how those core processes interact with warehouse activity.

With Columbian Logistics Network, you aren’t hiring just a warehouse operator, you’re hiring a business partner with a depth and breadth of knowledge that will help improve your supply chain through extensive process documentation, continuous improvement, and a robust Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system.

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