Shuttle and Switch

Shuttle and Switch

Shuttle and Switch Service

With an asset fleet of Over-the-Road, Day Cab, and Switching trucks, Columbian offers local trucking and regional transportation services covering Chicago, Indiana, Northwest Ohio, and Michigan.

As a dedicated or on-demand service, Columbian provides on or near-campus switching and shuttling services to production and distribution centers. Using Columbian’s Shuttle and Switching service frees up your company’s capital and provides better coverage, higher driver productivity, and a more flexible cost model.  Our Shuttle and Switch assets include:

Shuttle Trucks / Switchers ( Yard Dogs)

  • A Shuttle Truck / Switcher (or Yard Dog) is a truck specifically designed for moving containers and semi-trailers in or around freight yards. It is has a hydraulic fifth wheel, which lifts to accommodate trailer height. This then allows the operator to move trailers without exiting the cab or cranking the landing gear, greatly increasing productivity.

DOT Switcher Shuttle

  • “DOT Certified” switchers are those vehicles which are licensed to operate on public roads.
  • Electronic Doorboard visibility
  • Automated driver dispatch
  • In-cab tablet technology
  • Seamless appointment and door allocation
  • Trailer tracking
  • Driver record retention
  • Full suite of reporting capabilities

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