Pool Distribution & Less Than Truck Load

Pool Distribution & Less Than Truck Load

Local & Regional Delivery Services

Columbian Logistics Network offers a full slate of local trucking and regional delivery services utilizing our fleet. These freight consolidation services are often seamlessly integrated with warehouse operations.

Pool Distribution

Through our Pool Distribution services, we combine multiple less than truckload (LTL) shipments destined for a specific geographic area and then line haul them to a regional location. From there, the pool is offloaded, sorted and segregated by receiver, and then reloaded for final leg delivery.  Pool consolidation is ideal for companies distributing to retail and wholesale outlets with multiple SKUs and regular volumes.  Many customers also find value in this service profile when offering complementary goods to mass merchants.

Cross Dock Services

In Columbian’s Cross Dock service, inbound suppliers ship to a single regional location. Once there, product is staged by receiving location, sorted, segregated, and reloaded by destination for final leg delivery.  Materials handled in Cross Dock programs are considered to remain as freight, rather than becoming inventory.

Peddle Runs

With a century of history and deep market penetration in Michigan, Columbian offers peddle run services throughout the State of Michigan.  Companies with moderately flexible delivery schedules can take advantage of our regular routes throughout Michigan.  Please contact us for more information on routes and delivery schedules.

Full Service Solutions

All of Columbian’s Local Trucking and Regional Delivery services are backed by our People, Process, and Technology approach, as well as our commitment to Legendary Customer Service.  Our fleet of assets is outfitted with:

  • Refrigerated Trailers where necessary
  • Our commitment to Food Safety
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities
  • GPS Tractor and Trailer tracking
  • More timely delivery - cross docking freight ensures rapid transit times, with products getting to your distributor and customer faster.
  • Reduced handling and operating costs - using our high throughput sorting facility, our Pool Distribution services allow us to consolidate and ship in a larger volume capacity and secure significant cost savings over standard LTL rates.
  • Better quality control - requiring less handling, pool freight services reduce the chance of product damage and potential claims, and allow for easier maintenance of shipment and temperature integrity.
  • Better inventory control - inbound materials are directly transferred to customers with minimal warehousing and typically spend less than a day in storage. Pool Delivery services allow you to service customers with a smaller inventory footprint.

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