Midwest Short Haul Trucking

Midwest Short Haul Trucking

Columbian Logistics Network’s Sprinter Services division provides regional midwest short haul trucking dispatched from our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With years of Great Lakes region experience, our local drivers and customer service reps provide you with efficient, on-time delivery of your freight. Utilizing our Michigan trucking short haul service means:


  • Our fleet of Michigan short haul trucks provides you with the capacity to keep your deliveries on-time and your operations running smoothly
  • With dispatch and driver resources working 24/7, many of our assets are used around the clock
  • We are constantly expanding and updating our truck and trailer fleets with trusted partners across the Midwest
  • Our innovative approach to driver recruitment ensures we have a healthy population of first-class CDL drivers
  • Reliability
  • Regional Experience
  • Exceptional Performance
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Backhaul Management
  • Dedicated Fleet Management
Columbian Logistics Network transportation service map.

Columbian Logistics Network transportation service map.

Risk Management

Using a trusted partner like Columbian Logistics Network to provide over-the-road transportation services can significantly reduce a number of business risks that companies face every day.  A Columbian solution can reduce your company’s risk related to:

  • Safety- You can sleep at night knowing that Safety stands as Columbian Logistics Network’s #1 Value.  We walk the talk by providing extensive driver training, DOT compliant drug screening, and comprehensive tractor and trailer maintenance.
  • Working Capital- put your cash to better use and leverage Columbian’s investment into tractor/trailer procurement and driver staffing.
  • Regulatory Compliance- Hours of service, sleep apnea, food safety, and driver training regulations have all become significantly more complex in recent years, and Columbian Logistics Network ensures full compliance with federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Payment Flexibility- In business, cash is king, and you want to hold onto it for as long as possible.  Engaging with Columbian’s transportation team ensures that you’re not paying for idle drivers and empty miles.

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