Regional Freight Transportation

Regional Freight Transportation

Transportation is More than Moving From Point A to Point B

Columbian Logistics Network does much more than moving products from point A to point B. We are a partner, not just a provider. Our transportation solutions are designed to provide you the capacity, reliability, and cost effectiveness necessary to build value in your supply chain.

Columbian Logistics Network transportation service map.

Columbian Logistics Network transportation service map.

Our Focus and Promise: Reliable, Safe, and On-Time Delivery

Reliable, safe, and on-time delivery is the core of our transportation service. Our dedicated staff and drivers take the time to learn your needs and work with your consignees to ensure proper scheduling and appointment times are made to ensure timeliness of delivery.  Our strict procedures for load security prevent damages from occurring. Safety is our #1 Value and sits at the core of all we do.  Our culture is built around safety and we walk that talk with OSHA SHARP certification at our own facilities.  The safety culture we have developed within the Columbian Logistics Network carries over to all of our employees and our customers-whether SHARP certified or not.  Our drivers are experienced professionals, and we pride ourselves on a very low turnover rate.

Focus On Strategy, We’ll Do The Work

Columbian Logistics Network has the People, Process and Technology to provide full transportation support. By utilizing our fleet of tractors, trailers, and drivers, you free your company from capital investments in equipment and people, as well as freeing internal resources that must be dedicated to complex regulatory requirements and human resource management.

Whether providing dedicated fleet, LTL, or manufacturing support transportation, our commitment to excellent customer service remains the same- your freight matters.

Our Services

  • Short Haul Services – Columbian Logistics Network operates a fleet of over-the-road and day cab trucks, offering flexible regional transportation services in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Pool Distribution – Columbian Logistics Network offers a full slate of local trucking and regional delivery services through transportation assets that may be integrated with warehouse operations.
  • Shuttle and Switch – As a dedicated service, Columbian Logistics Network provides on or near-campus switching and shuttling service to production and distribution centers.

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