Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Blended Solutions Provider

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Blended Solutions Provider

Are you a shipper struggling with capacity? Who isn’t?! With economic indicators belying a robust economy, the ELD mandate with its impending capacity doom, and an extended period of high rates in the market garnering your carrier’s trucks, you’ll need every advantage possible to maintain service levels to your clients. Try a Blended Transportation Solution(BTS)! No this isn’t Starbuck’s latest frappuccino option, rather a hybrid transportation offering from your well-outfitted transportation provider.

Many shippers place their needs for transportation in either one basket or the other: some go with all brokerage/non-asset providers for low-cost and low service “truck-off-the-street” coverage of deliveries of their commodities. Others choose asset-only solutions that provide greater control and service, typically at higher rates. Why not have both? Columbian can provide access to Spot Market Capacity and Company Owned Asset Capacity as needed.

Working with a Blended Transportation Service provider can offer a number of benefits, including:

1. Efficiency
The impact to your accounting department can be minimal as well because with intercompany billing you do not have to contract with or set up a new vendor if you only have one of the entities contracted. A one-stop shop for ordering trucks is efficient for your operations teams when there is a single point of contact for both services in the blended solution.

2. Cost Effectiveness
Today’s Transportation Management Systems (TMS) make it very easy for vendors to run models, even at the individual load level. With blended solutions at Columbian, you always get our best available rate!

3. Service Improvements
With a BTS provider, your loads have priority and can move seamlessly between the divisions to the team who can best provide service without interruption, and with your best interests in mind. Partners who can offer both assets and brokerage have a more vested interest in providing service to clients who are feeding both operating units.

4. Agility
A blended solution provides a readily available market access point in times of constrained capacity. If you typically partner with an asset-only provider, consider the brokerage capabilities of a BTS provide as your relief valve when capacity gets tight.

Paul Laidler, Director of Transportation

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