Q2 2020 Legendary Customer Service Award Winners

Q2 2020 Legendary Customer Service Award Winners

Q2 Legendary Customer Service Award Winner – Kristina DeLeon

Internal LCS Winner – Kristina DeLeon
Week-From-Heck. Not often do nominations come in so strongly worded! Kristina DeLeon was nominated for not only showing up for several double shifts to cover for a sick co-worker, she also took on additional training duties and handled last minute customer returns to keep operations running smoothly. Thank you Kristina for your hard work and staying cool under pressure!

Legendary Customer Service Award Winners for Q2

External LCS Winners – Miguel Loranca & William Silva
Miguel Loranca and William Silva were nominated by multiple customers and outside vendors for their exemplary work. “They do things correctly the first time and they care about the product they’re handling and what condition it is in for the person who has to handle it next. This saves time down the line at several stages, arguably helping other facilities downstream become more efficient.” Thank you Miguel and William for your professionalism and dedication!

Q2 Nominations

Marshall McKenzie (SPSS Divisional Manager) – nominated by Bill Ekberg
Paul Whalen (GVDC Supervisor) – nominated by Marshall McKenzie
Kristina DeLeon (GVDC Admin) – nominated by Josh Sund

Candy Starr (GRDC Admin)– nominated by Becky Ellis
David Block (SPSS Driver) – nominated by HFS

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