Pandemic Response: One Team, One Mission

Pandemic Response: One Team, One Mission

The past two months have been quite a wild ride. Sweeping regulations and recommendations to fight the virus have been instituted at breakneck speed and have altered almost every aspect of day to day life. Columbian Logistics has relied on its core values of agility, safety and respect to navigate the ‘new normal’.

Essential Work, Essential Communication

As a part of the American food supply chain, Columbian Logistics Network’s work is deemed essential. As the outbreak began, our customers immediately looked to us for assurance that we could and would continue uninterrupted operations. It is a tremendous responsibility to help support the continuous flow of food and essential goods throughout the country. We opened clear and formal lines of communication with our customers to help dispel any fear or speculation, working closely to fill any gaps or provide additional support.

One Team, One Mission

The Columbian Logistics team continues to be the bedrock of operations. Through times of uncertainty, our people continue to show up every day in the best possible ways. We are committed to providing our associates with the safest possible environment, and have made a whole lot of changes, including:

  • Increased Sanitation Protocols
  • PPE Supplies
  • Rearranging office areas to provide adequate opportunity for social distancing
  • Attendance bonuses

Planning for The Future

While operations continue uninterrupted, we are looking ahead to the changing business practices we all face. We understand that returning to normal will be a graduated process incorporating new safety and operating procedures. Inventories, facility layouts and fulfillment strategies will be reassessed, and we will do everything we can to support our customers as they keep up with those changes. Similarly, some business processes may continue to rely heavily on remote communications.

In the time of ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ and ‘flattening the curve’, Columbian Logistics has certainly altered operating patterns, and we continue to rely on our core values to provide the service and support that our customers expect and deserve. The agility we’re practicing today will set the table for providing legendary customer service for years to come.


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