Food Supply Chain & Logistics

Food Supply Chain & Logistics

Your Distribution Link In The Food Production Chain

Our Food Logistics Services are designed to provide the highest quality food grade storage and distribution support for food and beverage producers. Columbian provides energy efficient, temperature controlled warehousing space, and our facilities are SQF level 2 certified, audited by the American Institute of Bakers (AIB), and USDA Certified Organic. Columbian’s Food Safety Team operates a HACCP program of internal audits and process evaluation to insure the highest level of operational excellence. Our services are scalable from short term warehousing and transportation management services to a fully integrated, dedicated service. Columbian’s dedication to quality and service remains the same, regardless of scale.

Food Sectors Served

Grocery | Finished product | WIP ( Work In Progress) | Grains | Flour | Sugar | Spices / Seasonings | Raw Produce | Meat/Fish| Bottled Beverage (Soda, Beer, Bottled Water) | Preservatives | Ground / Tree Nuts

Food & Beverage Production Support

Columbian provides support for all stages of food and beverage production, from storage and handling of raw materials to distribution of finished goods to your customers. Our services include:

  • Inventory management and replenishment
  • Packaging supply storage and replenishment
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Shuttle & Switch Service
  • Peddle Runs
  • Inspection

Dedicated Transportation

Columbian Logistics Network operates an asset based fleet of tractors and trailers that allows direct control of inspection, cleaning and disinfection required for food grade transportation. Our drivers are trained in the proper methods of loading and unloading food and food grade products, and follow strict checklist when inspecting a trailer before loading:

  • Check for food residues from earlier loads.
  • Check for cleaning and sanitizing residues.
  • Check the cooling unit for proper function.
  • Check trailer insulation and door seals.
  • Pre-cool the unit for at least an hour at the required temperature for the food.
  • Check that the ribbed floors and air chutes are clean and unclogged.

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