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Jim Gadziemski, vice president of warehouse operations, was interviewed by regarding futuristic technology in the logistics industry, including driverless trucks and automated loading docks. The author, like many industry experts, believes there is a long way to go in driverless technology, and drivers will never be obsolete.

“…Rather their duties will change as the industry works out man-machine partnerships,” says the author, Erik Sherman.

Beyond robots behind the wheel, new technology in the warehouse has also made conversation. reached out to Gadziesmki for an expert’s opinion on the automatic truck loading systems (ATLS).

The author argues that automation requires predictable loads, which is uncommon in the warehousing business. Similar items can cause confusion on the dock as well.

“I was supposed to get some kind of organic product and they sent me regular product,” said Jim Gadziemski, vice president of warehouse operations at Grand Rapids, Mich.-based logistics and warehousing firm Columbian Logistics Network. “How can a conveyor system notice that?”

In addition to those problems, deliveries won’t be easy either.

Many destinations require the truck driver to unload, Gadziemski said. “He has to have a pallet jack, [a fork lift like tool used to lift and move within a warehouse].”

Just because the truck leaves the loading dock, does not mean that the problems will stop.

“What happens when there’s a mechanical issue?” Gadziemski said. “An air line breaks or a trailer is dirty with some kind of contaminate and you have to reject it. How would [automation] handle those things?”

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