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Columbian Logistics Management stepped up to the plate when Bullboxer USA needed a managed solution for a significant supply chain challenge. Bullboxer USA, an international wholesaler and distributor of premium footwear, had a significant quantity of product that required domestic truckload transportation and warehousing ahead of eventual export.

Jennifer Mahoney, Controller at Bullboxer USA and the project-lead with Midwestern ties, recalled favorable dealings with Columbian Logistics Network in the past. When Mahoney faced decisions on whether or not to truck the goods to a coastal warehouse when the port of debarkation and final destination were not yet known, Columbian’s Transportation Management team suggested a very detailed and cost effective approach.

Columbian Logistics Network transported the goods to one of their centrally located warehouses with high volume access to both rail/dray corridors and related carriers for ease of export. This facility is a heavily secured and is the general-purpose operator of the Kent – Ottawa – Muskegon Foreign Trade Zone (#189). Though the primary use of the facility is for distribution of high value consumables, this product enjoyed the benefit of a secure and controlled environment. Later, the goods were loaded onto shipping containers sent to the port of Chicago for export to an Asian-Pacific destination.

“Columbian Logistics Management exceeded our expectations by taking the lead in moving the product very quickly and with very little notice. They coordinated everything from scheduling the pick-up and making the storage arrangements to assisting with the eventual exportation. It was a relief that we could leave all the details to Columbian Logistics Management to handle. We will definitely be using their services in the future and highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a managed solution.” – Jennifer Mahoney.

Partnering with Columbian Logistics Network provided Bullboxer with the expertice to provide a cost effective solution with quick turnaround, allowing them to focus on their core business, and not become tangled in the details.

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