Warehouse Staffing & Human Capital

Warehouse Staffing & Human Capital

Experience & Expertise

Building a maintaining a first-class team starts at the top of any organization.  The Columbian logistics Leadership Team has over 150 years of experience, continuing education, current certification and professional development.  The team holds multiple MBA degrees and industry certifications such as CSCP and SCPro.

Human Capital

Columbian approaches human resources as an investment in Human Capital.  As agile and flexible as we are with warehouse space and transportation capacity, we are similarly focused on being ready to handle your business growth and seasonality.  We have strong relationships with area staffing agencies to flex temporary or seasonal labor as appropriate.   We also partner with area universities to find and develop interns and entry level management trainees at the top of their classes.

Organizational Engagement Activities

Columbian engages with its people and its community in multiple ways, including

  • Wellness initiative
  • Recruiting and development of employees
  • Community outreach
  • Background checks
  • Drug Free workforce

Management You Trust

HR department up to date on all state and federal employer requirements. Let us utilize our infrastructure to allow you to focus on your core work.  We are a stable, 3rd generation family company that is committed to its customers, its people, and its community.  Our flat structure keeps top management engaged and focused on meeting customer business goals.

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