Columbian Values

Columbian Values

Columbian’s core values guide our actions an define our culture. Our core values determine how we run our company, how we do our work, how we interact with people, and what customers can expect of us. Our founder Barend Zevalkink coined the phrase “not service at cost, but service at any cost” to describe his commitment to customers. Over the years that commitment evolved into our core value and the central tennet of our business.


The integrity of our customers’ products and the well being of our associates is our first priority. For our customers and their products, and for our employees, there is no success without a deep commitment to building a culture of safety into everyday operations. Columbian Logistics Network was awarded SHARP Certification, one of only 13 companies in the state of Michigan and the only logistics company to earn the designation.


Columbian treasures its family heritage of honesty and hard work. Our behavior proves we value our associates, customers and suppliers. We treat them with respect and integrity.


Our customers expect us to perform and we expect performance and accountability from associates. We will provide the tools our associates need to succeed and we will reward their performance.


Columbian moves at the speed of business to keep you ahead of opportunities and market conditions that are constantly evolving. It is our team’s knowledge and experience that allows us to provide effective and dynamic solutions. As your company grows, Columbian Logistics Network will develop the best possible solution.

Legendary Customer Service

All Columbian Logistics Network has to sell is service. We do “Whatever It Takes” to ensure that our customers’ needs are anticipated and met. We are known for our exceptional service performance.

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