Supply Chain Management Process

Supply Chain Management Process

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Across industries, regardless of geography or size, Columbian Logistics Networks standardized process provides a proven method to create custom solutions with an emphasis on speed to value. Communication and measurable results are at the core of our process, from initial assessment to everyday operation.


1. Review business plan / goals
2. Review of current operations/purchasing
3. Review at least one years worth of data
4. Meet with Management, Operations, IT


1. Site sourcing/ location, routing guide development
2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Design
3. Change management planning
4. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Design


1. Timeline
2. Dedicated implementation team
3. Reporting
4. Communication


1. Operational Execution
2. KPI Delivery
3. Quality Systems and Customer Audits


1. 30/60/90 Reviews
2. Labor Reporting
3.  Continuous Improvement
4. Top to Top Business Reviews

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