About Us

About Us

At Columbian Logistics Network, our core values of safety, respect, performance, agility, and legendary customer service set our company apart from the competition and make us true providers in the design and management of logistics solutions for our clients.

Our seasoned professional logistics consultant team understands the value of developing a true partnership with our customers in the designing and implementation of individualized programs that provide the best in quality 3rd party logistics performance.

Years of experience and a commitment to ongoing education in all areas of logistics provide the basis to create an environment where innovation is second-nature at Columbian. We are committed to using our innovative spirit to continually provide incremental improvements to your supply chain, while at the same time taking a break-through thinking approach to develop big, strategic opportunities that might come from a significant redesign of your supply chain.

In 1924, our founding father, Barend Zevalkink, coined the phrase “not service at cost, but service at any cost,” to describe his commitment to service. Over the years, that commitment evolved into our core value of legendary customer service becoming the heart of our business. Today, Columbian Logistics Network is run by 4th generation brothers, John and Jim Zevalkink.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and driven by an innovative spirit, Columbian Logistics Network will improve your supply chain using teamwork as a tool while focusing on legendary customer service.

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