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Distribution Centers Certified USDA Organic


Columbian Logistics Network is pleased to announce that all of it’s facilities have been re-certified as a USDA Organic distribution facilities. “Customers who produce organic products operate under very stringent requirements in order to retain the ‘organic’ designation. Our certification gives those companies the assurance that the ‘final mile’ between production and products landing on consumer tables will preserve their product’s organic integrity” States Jim Gadziemski, General Manager of Warehousing.OTCO-USDA

The audit is conducted by the Oregon Tilth, a nonprofit research and education organization and USDA National Organic Program (NOP) accredited certifier. The OTCO system insures strict production standards to protect producers and buyers of organic products.After submitting an application that also doubles as an Organic Handling Plan, a trained organic inspector from Oregon Tilth will review all aspects of the plan and stage an onsite inspection of the physical facilities. Basic requirements of OTCO include record keeping, pest management, contamination,  co-mingling avoidance.

If you have questions about Columbian Logistics Network’s organic certification, please contact Mandy VanHaitsma at 616-460-5489 or amavan@columbian.us