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Safe Truck Driving Award

Truck Driver Safety

Columbian Logistics Network Drivers pose with their Safe Driving awards.

Columbian Logistics Network is a full service logistics provider, with transportation services ranging from very local shuttle and switching services, pool distribution within Michigan or regional transportation in the Midwest . This year at the annual driver meetings, Columbian Logistics recognized drivers with excellent safety records with the Safe Driving award.

“We have some of the best drivers anywhere, and it’s a challenging job, so we want to recognize employees who are providing excellent customer service with safety always top of mind.” Said Doug Johnson, Executive Vice President. In 2015, Columbian Logistics Network awarded 37 truck drivers with the ‘Safe Driver’ awards.  The 37 drivers had an average of 2 years of continuous safe driving, and three drivers each achieved 7 years of safe driving. Criteria for meeting the Safe Driving award includes:

  1. No at fault accidents or incidents for the year.
  2. No traffic violations for the year.
  3. Must work at least 40 weeks out of 52 to be eligible
  4. No citations for logging violations
  5. No preventable Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations. CSA is a safety measurement and reporting initiative of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Drivers are presented with a certificate of achievement, as well as a gift cards to reward their achievement. “We are proud of the attention to safety that our employees put forth in their daily work. A safe workplace allows everyone to perform to their full potential without fear of injury or accident. The Safe Driving award is just one way that we recognize those contributions.” Notes Linda Karel, Safety and Compliance Manager at Columbian.

For more information about Columbian Logistics Network’s Safety programs, including the Safe Driving Award, please contact Mandy VanHaitsma at or 616-460-5489.

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