Another Pints with Peers in the Books

Another Pints with Peers in the Books

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After spending a long day at the Midwest Supply Chain Management Conference, we at 17362641_424477947889106_4548634303332741404_nColumbian figured we could all use a chance to unwind, network with our peers, and discuss what we learned or what struck us most strongly.  What better way to do that in Beer City, USA, than host it at one of Grand Rapids’ hottest new tasting rooms?

Columbian held a networking reception, Pints with Peers, on March 16, 2017. A variety of customers and prospective customers joined Columbian employees for a pint or two at the brand new Atwater Brewery tasting room in the southwest corner of the newly renovated Rowe Building, in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.  Our Pints With Peers reception featured the full line of Atwater beers and a spread of the restaurant’s finest offerings.

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