Webinar- Freight Yard Optimization – June 23

Freight Yard Optimization Webinar



Columbian Logistics Network will host a webinar titled ‘ Freight Yard Optimization’, on June 23, 2pm Eastern time. The webinar will cover the benefits of creating a modern yard management program built using the people, process and technology that can provide visibility across the yard, long an area of the supply chain that ‘falls through the cracks’ of proper management and reporting.

Blair Thomas, Director of Customer Care at Columbian Logistics, will present. “Yard activity, such as trailer switching and check-in, has components within both warehousing and transportation, and if you silo the activity to just one function or the other, things like trailers being lost and drivers sitting idle in trucks waiting to unload can turn the yard into a real pain point. With a modern yard management program, you connect all three components, you bring visibility to the yard” states Thomas.

The webinar will review how to design a program, yard management systems and how mobile technology can increase effectiveness, and use a case study to illustrate a successful implementation.

Registration is open and free for attendees, click here to register.

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