Columbian Logistics Network To Present at Michigan Safety Conference

Columbian Logistics Network To Present at Michigan Safety Conference

Columbian Logistics Network is pleased to announce that it will present at the 86th Annual Michigan Safety Conference ( April . The two day conference April 19-20th) is organized and operated as a not-for-profit corporation. Membership is on a voluntary basis, with representatives from business, industry, education, labor and government. Over 3,000 attendees make up the safety, health and environmental employees who seek information on the latest techniques and equipment. This year’s event will be be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Devos Place Convention Center. Content divisions include:

  • Agricultural Safety & Rescue
  • CET Division
  • Chemical Division
  • Construction Division
  • Emergency MGT & Fire Safety
  • Environmental MGT. Division
  • Healthcare Division
  • Industrial Division
  • Industrial Hygiene Division
  • Metal Fabricating Section
  • Public Utility & Employer Division
  • Risk & Insurance Division
  • Security Division
  • Transportation Division

Bob Christian, Executive Vice President of Operations at Columbian Logistics Network, will present ‘Building a Culture of Safety’, which will detail the successful steps Columbian Logistics has taken to promote safety throughout the organization, as well leveraging it’s commitment as a competitive advantage.

For questions about Columbian Logistics Network’s presentation, please contact Blair Thomas,, Director of Customer Care.

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